The Story

The farm Le Palaie was born in 1996 when Nino Angelo Caponi bought a farmhouse of the ‘600 with the aim of creating a Buen retiro, a place of peace where his children and grandchildren could meet and spend their vacations.

Nino was born in a family of direct cultivators but he didn’t want to have anything to do with the land, he studied and at the age of 24 he directed the company that would become a leader in the sector of wine logistics exporting from Italy, France, Spain, Chile and Australia to the whole world.

But the call to his origins is stronger and together with his passion for wine, he pushes him to plant the first vineyards and in 2004 the first vintage.

Nino with his wife Paola, his lifelong companion, carries on this idea of wine.

Dottor Caponi

Opened in 2013, Le Palaie’s winery is the result of Dr. Caponi’s ideas and experiments. It is provided with a modern vat cellar and an underground barrique cellar for the aging of wines where, arranged on niches among the barriques, some sculptures transform the room in a real art gallery.

The winery is surrounded by the Tuscan hills, a natural frame made of suggestions, scents and colors, its terrace offers a view that goes from the hills of Terre di Pisa to the Teatro del Silenzio. It has large outdoor spaces and indoor rooms to be able to offer more organizational solutions, an exclusive location for a unique event with the possibility of overnight stay on site.

In that restored farmhouse of the ‘600, where everything was born, now there are 7 apartments and 3 independent houses of various sizes, equipped with all comforts as well as a huge swimming pool: we like to make guests feel at home for the duration of the vacation, bringing with them a bit of Tuscan landscape. It is the ideal starting point to explore famous and important Tuscan medieval cities such as Pisa (45 km), Florence (74 km), Volterra (33 km), San Gimignano (42 km) and Siena (87 km); but also to visit Peccioli and other nearby medieval villages. The hospitality of Le Palaie, together with the tranquility of the Terre di Pisa area, we hope will make unique the stay of our guests that we love to welcome in the winery and offer a tasting of our wines.

The estate, which spreads for 150 hectares of which 19 are vineyards, produces four red wines, Bulizio, Sotterfugio, Sagrestano, Gatta ci Cova, two white wines, Viognier de Le Palaie and Ladra, Rosato de Le Palaie, as well as a rose sparkling wine, long Charmat method, Brusio D’era. Eight labels, some of them doc Terre di Pisa, behind which are hidden the passion, the care, the competence of a first-rate staff chosen by the “Doctor”, which includes the oenologist Andrea Secco, who followed the path started since the beginning of the estate, in search of a sustainable balance between land and vine, an ideal path that today becomes also formal. Le Palaie, after years of tests, experiments and analysis of the territory, have chosen to start the process of organic certification that will end in 2021.

In our estate secular olive trees that produce our wonderful oil, and in full respect of nature also a small production of honey.

Today Nino, the father, is no longer there, but in his place, in addition to his trusted collaborators, there is his family, two daughters, two sons-in-law, a daughter-in-law and 7 grandchildren.

The path is laid out and we will continue to walk it.