The wine cellar of Le Palaie represents the true wine-producing vocation of the estate; it was inaugurated in 2012 and is equipped with the latest technology. At the same time, it evokes the fascinating traditional wine production rooted in the centuries-long heritage of the Alta Val d’Era, between the provinces of Livorno and Pisa. This is a place where you can taste top quality wines.

Cutting edge innovation in full respect of traditions

The processes used in the Le Palaie wine estate are based on the Persec SAEn5000 system. The steel vinification vats are fitted with a mobile air mixer the temperature in the vats, the aeration and ambient temperature of the vinification areas are constantly monitored as is that of the barrel rooms for the ageing process. While the phases of destemming, pressing and vinification are managed using the latest technologies.

Cantina Le Palaie
The cellars where the wine ages for months

The estate’s barrel cellar houses large tonneaux and, caratelli (these are traditional barrels made by a local craftsman from the wood of fruit trees, to store our straw wine) and containers made of cocciopesto (opus signinum) an ancient Roman waterproof ceramic. The barrel cellar is a magical place where the wine matures as it is supposed to.

Botti Le Palaie
Visit of the cellars: an unrepeatable experience

At Le Palaie we arrange visits of the cellars. The ground floor is where we welcome visitors and offer wine-tasting, we then go down to the technical area via a panoramic staircase with glass walls. In the cellar, the barrels are interspersed with statutes in niches that transform this area into a veritable art gallery.

Wine-tasting: a loving combination of senses

Tasting our wines in the cellar is a moment of magic, the perfect blend of sight, taste and smell. This is no mere tasting but the overall assessment of a range of sensory perception, sight to begin with, smelling the bouquet in discovery and finally the infinite pleasure of tasting an excellent wine.